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Tazmo Inc.
42840 Christy St. Suite 103
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 438-4890
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  TAZMO Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of SOG and LCD color filter coaters. Tazmo equipment is sold around the world. We also offer continuous maintenance services for our customers. Tazmo USA office is located in Fremont, California.

We offer the following products
SOG, SOD, Polyimide coaters and developers for the Semiconductor industry
A single wafer processing cleaning System
LCD Resist coaters, Developers and Scrubbers
Clean wafer transfer system

Resist, SOG, SOD, Mask, MEMs, Spin, LCD, Extrusion, Slit nozzle, Clean Robot, Wafer Polyimide, Cleaner, Scrubber, Developer, Roll to Roll, and AR film coaters

  Service and Maintenance:
  Tazmo Inc. services and maintains all of the equipment listed above
  Model: TR6131, TR6132, TR6133, TR8171, TR8132, TR8152, SS Series
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