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Single Spin Processor (SSP Series)

Next generation wafer to wafer cleaning system


The SSP Series equipment is a new generation single wafer process cleaning system designed for precision cleaning and/or wet etching system for BEOL , FEOL 200mm, 300mm wafers. Each PM (process module) unit is isolated with a bulk-head wall design controlling the atmosphere with optimum air flow. Selection of top or top/bottom side processing capability along with 2 or 4 chamber selectivity is also available.

The SSP Series semiconductor cleaning system is designed for industrial cleaning and wet-etching of 300mm wafers. The system cleans before deposition of (High-k), polymer removal (Low-k), back-to-back etching or bevel etching. The closed chamber system controls oxygen concentration to ppb. The enclosed chamber prevents natural film oxidization on wafers and clean materials. The SSP is also designed for clean non-water solvent.

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Multi-process cup design enabling chemical process, DI water rinsing and drying in one process chamber.
TSV capable spin table and transfer gear are integrated for thin wafers.
Chemical temperature stability is secured by the switching of circulation of chemical module and the main tool.
2 fluid, mega sonic and function water cleaning capability.
Small footprint with own unique technologies.

Applications: Silicone etching, various film removal, particle removal, metal removal, polymer removal, and thin wafer processes (TSV).

Acid Chamber EFEM, Robot Organic Chamber

Single wafer

Batch type


No cross contamination by single
Wafer processing

Cross contamination from adjacent wafer appears

Foot Print

Small footprint is realized by using several kinds of cleaning fluids

Large system required and using several kinds of cleaning fluids.


Processing of over 300 wafers/Hr.

Wafer backside Cleaning

Applicable with backside nozzle and reverse mechanism

Equal to surface cleaning

Bevel care

Wrapping control is possible

Not applicable
Wrapping control not possible

Drying Method

Spin dry
Rotagoni drying (IPA)
Measurement of water mark is necessary at water repellent surface(bare Si, Low-k)

Spin dry is required
Marangoni drying (IPA)
Measurement of water mark is necessary at water repellent surface(bare Si, Low-k)

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