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Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment (SOG / SOD)
  Over 800 systems sold worldwide for SOG/SOD, photoresist and polyimide applications on wafers, masks and various other square substrates. TAZMO's Spincoat/Bake System successfully solved the contamination and repeatability problems associated with the sensitive Spin-on-Glass (SOG)/Spin-on-Dielectric (SOD) chemicals. The TAZMO system was instrumental in the acceptance of SOG/SOD processing as a proven and viable production process for planarization.

Our dedication to spin-on technology is unsurpassed. As the pioneer in this industry, TAZMO has been able to develop the most reliable and cost-effective coaters in the world—industry-leading in price/ performance. Our focus is to provide superior products and service, increasing your production yields while reducing your cost of ownership.

We propose, customize and develop systems that apply the coating technologies that match our customer's needs and specifications. Our experience and proven track record clearly demonstrate our expertise in developing a system suitable to our customers' needs.
Dielectric Film (SOG) coater
Resist coater / Developer
Reliable SOD/SOG Processing
Patented Dispense System
Proven Track Record
System Engineering
TAZMO's strength in spin coater engineering and design has lead to world class process performance and system up-time reliability.
Process Module Design
The integrated FFU creates a clean mini-environment.
Compatible with the 200mm open cassette by using an adapter.
Wafers are loaded and unloaded at low vibration and with high-accuracy positioning.
The combination of grip type robot hand (MGAP) and edge hold aligner (MA-HH) enables the configuration of a backside contact-free transfer system.
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