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Wafer Support System (WSS) - Bonder/Debonder
These TWS 2000 and 3000 Series systems were designed for temporarily bonding of ultra thin wafer for advanced 3D packaging requirements. Unique UV hardening resion is used for the bonding of wafer and supporting material realizing excellent TTV, high accuracy alignment, normal temperature bonding and high throughput.

These system are currently used in the production of memory device, power device and various mass production lines fwhile achieving low CoO emission.
TWS 2000 Series for 4-8" Wafers TWS 3000 Series for 300mm Wafers  
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High throughput

Realised >24 WPH

High accuracy

Achieving TTV (Total Thickness Variation) < 5µm

Normal temperature bonding

Almost no thermal impact to the wafer when bonding with supporting material by adopting UV hardening resin

Low cost

Repeated use of supporting material is possible thus used glass recycling tool is also line upped

Dry process

Bonding, de-bonding of supporting material is performed by all dry process with zero organic solvent used

Bonder Debonder
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