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Wafer Handling System   

TAZMO offers robotics and peripheral equipment used in semiconductor wafer processing environment. We provide "atmospheric" and "vacuum" products to satisfy high spec requirements for various fabrication equipment and inspection systems.

TAZMO provides a "Clean", "Fast" and "Safe" wafer transfer system which realizes cost and space-saving. With a wide range of products, TAZMO meets the ever growing demands and offers the most suitable systems for our customer's equipment. In addition, we can customize a standard EFEM between FOUP and FM.

 Fablex-M 300mm EFEM equipped with free access robot (with FOUP openers)
Fablex M-series is a 300mm wafer handling system and is configured with a free access robot and edge-contact-free high-speed aligner.
This 300mm wafer transfer system is configured with a free access robot (MTQ, MTSR), an edge-contact-free high-speed aligner (MAF), and a ULPA fan filter unit.
The MAF aligner centers and notch-aligns wafers at high speed.
The integrated FFU creates a clean mini-environment.
Compatible with the 200mm open cassette by using an adapter.
Wafers are loaded and unloaded at low vibration and with high-accuracy positioning.
The combination of grip type robot hand (MGAP) and edge hold aligner (MA-HH) enables the configuration of a backside contact-free transfer system.
Handling Object
300mm wafer (compatible with 200mm)
300mm FOUP
200mm open cassette (supported with optional adapter)
No. of Cassettes
1 to 3 FOUP
Wafer Detection System
Load Port or robot mapping function
Fan Filter
ULPA spec - compatible with chemical (optional)
SUS304 (stainless steel)
Transfer Stages
2 places on the back of system.
Power Source
AC200V±10% 8A 1line
-80kPa or less, 30 liters/min, 1 line
Dry Air
0.52 to 0.6MPa, 20 liters/min, 1 line
100mm, 1 M3/min
External Dimensions 1350(W)x 1250(D)x1850(H)
Mass Approx. 350kg
Host Control RS-232C serial communications
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